How to survive a rainy day.

When the rain is pouring and the wind is blowing and your heart is aching (like it probably is today), there is one recipe for the sun to shine at least inside your home/head/heart: a 5 min Gene-singing-and-dancing-in-the-rain break. My treat to you!


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Chose your sweater for the Xmas season

So you thought you went through the world’s worst-sweater- shame wearing the woolly top your granny knitted for you in 1985?! Or that maybe Colin Firth did…

Maybe you’re also looking for a terrible way to get back at someone who did you wrong the past year…

Well in that case, search no more : Collectors Weekly found ‘The 12 all-time ugliest Christmas Sweaters‘  for you!

Here is my personal selection:

The cute reindeer. 3D.

The nut-cracker inspired jumper. For sweet holidays!

THE sweater to wear on your sky trip & display your unique snow style

This is for Midnight Mass*

Cats lovers will feel warmer…

And finally, this one’s for you if your flat is too small to fit a ‘real’ Christmas tree.

Now, hurry along, little elves!* Go find more of these merry sweaters  here and sing along with the yodeling cat!


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Earth, Home… stunning

This is a mesmerizing video of our planet earth, the ever-changing globe we live onto.

And all the sudden I feel so small…

Time lapse sequences of photographs taken by Ron Garan, Satoshi Furukawa and the crew of expeditions 28 & 29 onboard the International Space Station from August to October, 2011, who to my knowledge shot these pictures at an altitude
of around 350 km. Michael König


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Past & Present

My friend Siobhan has flair in art & fashion. On top of crafting incredible tutus, she’s got a beautiful tumblr where I found this:

Unfortunately with Tumblr, it’s hard to find the source… do you have any idea who the artist(s) is (are) ?

On that arty note, have a lovely Wednesday!

ps: Lucille found an explanation here.


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A pic to make you smile

… happy Monday!


Found on Miss Moss” s beautiful blog.

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Beautiful Wait

Good things come to those who wait.

Why is it that when waiting for uploads of all kinds, we find ourselves facing a boring screen & a lame countdown?

Here is a website to wait in style by Samsung Mobile & heaven.


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Montparnasse cemetery.  Happy Hallowe’en/All Saints Day!

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