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Treasure Hunt with Jay-Z or the coolest book launch this year

I love interactive, viral marketing. I really do. Check that out: Hip-Hop artist, Beyoncé’s hubby and MTV’s 2009 Man of the Year, JAY-Z has found yet another way to emulate crowds. For the launch of his autobiography Decoded, Bing and the Droga5 agency organised for/with him a national Treasure Hunt.

Every single page of Decoded has been released and dispersed around the states to be found by fans.  And by page I don’t mean sheets of paper dispatched to the wind but printouts on walls, cars, jackets, swimming pools and other weird and creative locations.

Today the 320 pages have been found and the Decode Jay-Z website announces by whom and where:

Just for the sheer pleasure of it, let’s have a look at the pages, decoded.


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Social Network, yes, but do something real


Argentinian graphic agency Wearaplace proposes a rather interesting intake on Social Media.

Not only are their typographic illustrations and Network Rebellion posters beautiful, they convey an essential message: tweet and facebook and dig as much as you please BUT DO SOMETHING REAL. Reminds me of a previous post

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Modern patronage for PR buzz / How cool’s your cap?

For its 90th birthday, the brand New Era has organized a grand PR coup by inviting 90 different artists to customize and sign as many caps. An exhibition was open in über-cool London fashion, a Vimeo video released and the word started spreading on just how cool’s New Era.

Just like Aol, Campari or the less glamorous Yorkshire Bank before them, the marketing team of this international headwear company has understood what patrons of the arts have done for centuries. By helping an artist (giving money, buying its work or simply putting it in the spotlight), a patron had a good chance to -if not look cool– set himself apart/shine in society. By associating his name with one of a rising talent, he would beneficit from the artist’s light and fame in the future.

Well done on New Era for an inspired and buzz-efficient 90th birthday celebration.


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where shall I even begin?

As Kenneth Koch once said: It seems everything is so full of possibilities one can hardly take it all in. What an inspired poet, how true are his words!

After 5 days of cutting loose with my internet ties and hence my Google Reader, I came back tonight to almost a thousand unread posts… Oh the cruelty of the situation! Oh the cornelian choice! Oh the terrible feeling to know that someone, somewhere has been incredibly creative and I am not going to have the time to marvel at it!

How am I to choose which news I am going to read? Which pictures I am going to wonder at? Short films I am going to laugh at? Texts and quotes I am going to relish? The list of potentialities is head-spinning and I’m feeling dizzy with possibilities…

And here we come to what I love most (and equally hate) about the internet: the endless opportunities to learn, and share, the so many ways to be aware, connected and inspired. Being by your computer screen connects you to the world’s pulse while sometimes dragging you away from its beating heart.

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*thE creativE interneT*

The Creative Internet is all here.  This gem of a presentation could feed this blog for the next decade but I wanted to share it with you in its entirety. It shows that people together create beautiful things. The Web 2.0 really did encourage collaboration, inspiration, connectedness and interactions.

It’s suRprising, awing and eye-opening on human beings’ cultures, hopes and dreams. Thank you Josh for sharing this!

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