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Booty Break [yum]

How to get women to buy an anti-cellulite product on a pre-summer saturated market? By offering a BOOTY BREAK, an interactive website to blush violently, giggle hysterically & share with friends. Just choose your favourite male booty and make it dance, shake, flex or even slap it. A highly enjoyable experience! by Vichy.



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The world’s best choreography. Ever.

This is without a doubt the funniest video of the month so far: a wonderful tutorial, an inspiration for any would-be dance teacher and a perfect ready-made choreography to learn before any party where you’re planning to steal the show & razzle-dazzle. Thank you Benjamin at We Want Whores.

OMG. I’m just being told that there is a double dream feet version too!

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Naming your V…

How do women call their vagina?

Mooncup has gathered The V.’s precious secret names from over fourteen thousand women and shares it through this brilliant, hilarious and lyrical video! A good way to start off the year!*

“Whatever you call your vagina, we think it deserves some love. That’s why we’ve written a song staring over 25 names submitted to the loveyourvagina poll, which asked women from across the world ‘what they call theirs’. You gave us 14,000 different names, and there are still more coming in every day!
Visit to find out more, tell us what you lovingly call yours and download the song sheet music. “

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How to survive a rainy day.

When the rain is pouring and the wind is blowing and your heart is aching (like it probably is today), there is one recipe for the sun to shine at least inside your home/head/heart: a 5 min Gene-singing-and-dancing-in-the-rain break. My treat to you!

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Earth, Home… stunning

This is a mesmerizing video of our planet earth, the ever-changing globe we live onto.

And all the sudden I feel so small…

Time lapse sequences of photographs taken by Ron Garan, Satoshi Furukawa and the crew of expeditions 28 & 29 onboard the International Space Station from August to October, 2011, who to my knowledge shot these pictures at an altitude
of around 350 km. Michael König


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geek# *Dior Games* #cosmetics

I came across this wonderful video this morning: Dior presenting its make-up range as a colorful tribute to 80’s video games.

Beautiful, fun & creative!

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The guy who proved the adverts wrong: The looser lover

Can a Lynx shower gel really give you the ultimate sex appeal? Chocolate enable you to take a girl back to your place? Coffee make you look goooood?

Joylon Rubinstein tried all the tricks in London: not convincing but very funny!


This video is part of a campaign to promote THE ELIXIR OF LOVE, an opera by Donizetti now playing in London.

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