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France in underpants

“We now need UNDERPANTS we can trust.” J. Chirac

Those of you who don’t live in France probably haven’t had the chance to follow our very patriotic ELECTION CAMPAIGN IN UNDERPANTS... Surfing on the run to the 2012 Presidential elections, a bunch of young entrepreneurs have set up a parallel web-campaign  using election slogans & posters to convey their message: wear French Underpants!

Dordogne-based underwear production companyLE SLIP FRANCAIS has brilliantly managed to grab the media’s attention by taking the old-fashioned made in France concept and the unsexy slip (underpants) and turn them into an attractive, creative & übercool campaign.

“France is strong IN UNDERPANTS” – N.Sarlozy

Change UNDERPANTS, now!” F. Hollande

“Nothing can beat united UNDERPANTS” F. Bayrou

“Take the UNDERPANTS power!” JL Melenchon

“Choose UNDERPANTS.” E.Joly

If you want to support young people with ambition & humour, don’t hesitate to place your order with them, it’s super smooth & fast (I tested) and you can pick from a selective range of unique underpants: The Dreadful white, The Courageous red, The Intrepid Blue or The Triumphant black.

Le Slip Révolutionnaire



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Montparnasse cemetery.  Happy Hallowe’en/All Saints Day!

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Splitscreen: A Love Story

Beautiful short film by JW Griffiths in between Paris, NYC & London.

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Reporting love from Paris

Yesterday -you couldn’t have missed it-  was Valentine’s day. Amazed at the Ô so many signs, posts & calls for love, I went on a brief lunch-break photo reportage. Here’s what I saw:

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The night the crocodiles were out

Don’t push me cause I’m close to the edge … I’m trying not to lose my head, ah huh-huh-huh

I’ve got a dreadful job: last week, I got to sneak into Lacoste’s new perfume L.12.12 launch in Paris. Not only were there crocodiles everywhere (stickers, papier-mâché, origami …) but GrandMasters Furious 5 performed for us!  We rapped and grooved and shook it with the legendary band on top of Paris’ roofs. And because I’m terribly generous, I thought I’d share the pictures with you:

….It’s like a jungle sometimes…

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Paris exhibited: Italian art decadence

‘“But let the Medici rest in peace in their marble and porphyry tombs; no one did more for the glory of the world, neither before nor after them, not princes, kings or emperors.

Alexandre Dumas

Shall you ever come to Paris before mid-February, I highly advise you to pop by one of the city’s hidden museums,  Musée Maillol, for its latest exhibition Le Trésors des Medicis.

The Medicis were a very influential 16th century family whose wealth and prosperity benefited many artist, scientists and humanists. As a result, they gathered an incredible collection of paintings, sculptures, jewels and other memorabilia.

The experience of the visit itself is unforgettable: strolling along the corridors, one can marvel at some Bronzino paintings, a sculpture by Michel Angelo, Galileo’s telescope, pearl earings, diamond and ruby cups, an ivory necklace, lapis lazuli bowls, chiseled precious stones, detailed and colorful marquetry, a Brazilian chef’s red feathers coat, crystal vases, a bronze horse head, some early medical observation drawings, and many, many other curious, beautiful, delicate, inspiring and extraordinary lively objects.

A time traveling experience not to miss!

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Paris exhibited: Basquiat


Striking, vivid, violent, regal, captivating, oppressive and alive

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