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Paris exhibited: Italian art decadence

‘“But let the Medici rest in peace in their marble and porphyry tombs; no one did more for the glory of the world, neither before nor after them, not princes, kings or emperors.

Alexandre Dumas

Shall you ever come to Paris before mid-February, I highly advise you to pop by one of the city’s hidden museums,  Musée Maillol, for its latest exhibition Le Trésors des Medicis.

The Medicis were a very influential 16th century family whose wealth and prosperity benefited many artist, scientists and humanists. As a result, they gathered an incredible collection of paintings, sculptures, jewels and other memorabilia.

The experience of the visit itself is unforgettable: strolling along the corridors, one can marvel at some Bronzino paintings, a sculpture by Michel Angelo, Galileo’s telescope, pearl earings, diamond and ruby cups, an ivory necklace, lapis lazuli bowls, chiseled precious stones, detailed and colorful marquetry, a Brazilian chef’s red feathers coat, crystal vases, a bronze horse head, some early medical observation drawings, and many, many other curious, beautiful, delicate, inspiring and extraordinary lively objects.

A time traveling experience not to miss!


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The guy who creates Street Art cleaning your walls

Street art today is either worshipped or badly cursed. Since Space Invaders, Banksy, Le Rat and their controversial works made the headlines (and a film), a generation of graffiti artists is on the rise. They use stencils, pencils, sculptures, posters, aerosols, chalks and/or paper-cuts to cover our dull walls and color our lives.

A UK street artist is setting himself apart. To all those who castigate graffiti and deem it an outlaw, dirty and disrespectful art, he opposes his environment-friendly method. Paul Curtis, aka “MOOSE”, creates art by cleaning the dirt from walls using a shoe brush, water and elbow grease.

It’s clean, it’s cool and it’s beautiful.



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Social Network, yes, but do something real


Argentinian graphic agency Wearaplace proposes a rather interesting intake on Social Media.

Not only are their typographic illustrations and Network Rebellion posters beautiful, they convey an essential message: tweet and facebook and dig as much as you please BUT DO SOMETHING REAL. Reminds me of a previous post

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Modern patronage for PR buzz / How cool’s your cap?

For its 90th birthday, the brand New Era has organized a grand PR coup by inviting 90 different artists to customize and sign as many caps. An exhibition was open in über-cool London fashion, a Vimeo video released and the word started spreading on just how cool’s New Era.

Just like Aol, Campari or the less glamorous Yorkshire Bank before them, the marketing team of this international headwear company has understood what patrons of the arts have done for centuries. By helping an artist (giving money, buying its work or simply putting it in the spotlight), a patron had a good chance to -if not look cool– set himself apart/shine in society. By associating his name with one of a rising talent, he would beneficit from the artist’s light and fame in the future.

Well done on New Era for an inspired and buzz-efficient 90th birthday celebration.


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Why don’t YOU grow a moustache?

It’s November again, the month of the year when men can sport a moustache and being complimented for growing fury animals across their faces. Yes people, it’s  Movember again. Prostate cancer awareness month and to be mo-y is to be trendy.

In Singapore for instance, they’ve started an excellent Moustache Make A Difference campaign. Funny and striking graphic designs adorn fresh and simple explanatory texts while people are encouraged to share their moustachexperience with others through Social Networks. Check it out!

Through the annals of history, scores of famous figures, renowned characters and admired personalities have had one thing in common. They all wore with pride that most masculine of marks. That most erudite of emblems. The most bodacious of badges.
We’re talking, of course, about the moustache.

For without this distinguishing feature adorning their upper lip, would these people have reached such lofty heights? Hulk Hogan minus his handlebar? White trash in a wife-beater. A smooth-faced Stalin? Just a depilated dictator. A clean-shaven Genghis Khan? More like GenghisCan’t.

We’re embarking on our own journey towards greatness by growing moustaches of our own to raise funds and awareness for the Singapore Prostate Cancer Research Fund. So show your support by donating, and follow our shenanigans on the blog.

Of course men around the world are encouraged to let their hair down (or up depending on the style they’re looking for) and for women who wish to help, the website has it all sorted:

Now if this is not one of the coolest feature on the web today, I’m willing to eat my moustache!

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Wine me up

I truly believe wine is a magnifier of friendly interactions, positive inclinations and spontaneous communication. Tonight, I was lucky to be invited by Miss Vicky Wine at her latest Paris Wine Tasting. It was in a trendy bar packed with people: fashion crazies with jaw-dropping outfits for an exhibition opening, rock’n’roll groupies for a trendy gig and wine lovers for Vicky’s wine selection. Oh! and a fat bulldog called ‘Venus’ was everywhere to be seen. Everybody had headed out there – after a long day at work, despite the  public transport strikes and the chilly night – so as to share one (or more) glass(es) of wine.

And it felt good to be there. Good to sip a liquid that warms the body and heart. Good to be amongst friends or friendly strangers. Good to be there and belong.

Wine is the way forward; Wine me up!





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*thE creativE interneT*

The Creative Internet is all here.  This gem of a presentation could feed this blog for the next decade but I wanted to share it with you in its entirety. It shows that people together create beautiful things. The Web 2.0 really did encourage collaboration, inspiration, connectedness and interactions.

It’s suRprising, awing and eye-opening on human beings’ cultures, hopes and dreams. Thank you Josh for sharing this!

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