This is how it all started….

I was strolling in London -averted eye, discreet camera- when I spotted this guy: orange trousers, leopard shoes and a lady’s bag. Nothing peculiar for London, random guy, more than random outfit… just another day in the crazy city.
So I took that picture, went my way with a smile and my face and added this moment in my mental collection of memorabilia.

I love collecting random thoughts and pictures about things that we are sometimes too busy to notice. It’s all about catching a glimpse of a weird dress sense, overhearing a funny conversation or reading about something random/funny/surprising and keeping a trace of it.
As a result, I have loads of notebooks stacked on a shelf; they are like kaleidoscopes, patchworks, compilations of moments, of poesy, of life around.

All together they could look like an encyclopaedia of the beautiful, unexpected and amusing…


2 responses to “About

  1. A lovely website……….the intellectual equivalent of going into a specialised antique shop that one thinks is entirely one’s own discovery……….I was looking for examples of Chagall’s ‘airborne ecstasy’ and came across the Shakespeare sonnet…………

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