When fashion & technology meet… *

I have always been fascinated by Perrault’s fairytale Donkey Skin. Not because of the ew-gross heroine garment the title implies, but because of the incredible description of the dresses she wore: a dress that matches the sky, a dress of moonbeams & a dress of sunshine… How marvelous!

Catherine Deneuve in Peau D’ane – by Jacques Demy – 1970

 Well, today my dream has come true.  Thanks to some technological wonder (a 3D video-mapping process that projected animated pictures to a dress) Frank Sorbier & Intel have created an amazing 3D visual show where it all comes together: the princess dress, the changing patterns & colors and the fairytale atmosphere!

Even if you don’t understand french, the short documentary is worth watching. Enjoy!

Source Doc News


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