Chose your sweater for the Xmas season

So you thought you went through the world’s worst-sweater- shame wearing the woolly top your granny knitted for you in 1985?! Or that maybe Colin Firth did…

Maybe you’re also looking for a terrible way to get back at someone who did you wrong the past year…

Well in that case, search no more : Collectors Weekly found ‘The 12 all-time ugliest Christmas Sweaters‘  for you!

Here is my personal selection:

The cute reindeer. 3D.

The nut-cracker inspired jumper. For sweet holidays!

THE sweater to wear on your sky trip & display your unique snow style

This is for Midnight Mass*

Cats lovers will feel warmer…

And finally, this one’s for you if your flat is too small to fit a ‘real’ Christmas tree.

Now, hurry along, little elves!* Go find more of these merry sweaters  here and sing along with the yodeling cat!



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2 responses to “Chose your sweater for the Xmas season

  1. Sam

    Where did you find these!? I absolutely must have themmm.

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