Paris exhibited: Italian art decadence

‘“But let the Medici rest in peace in their marble and porphyry tombs; no one did more for the glory of the world, neither before nor after them, not princes, kings or emperors.

Alexandre Dumas

Shall you ever come to Paris before mid-February, I highly advise you to pop by one of the city’s hidden museums,  Musée Maillol, for its latest exhibition Le Trésors des Medicis.

The Medicis were a very influential 16th century family whose wealth and prosperity benefited many artist, scientists and humanists. As a result, they gathered an incredible collection of paintings, sculptures, jewels and other memorabilia.

The experience of the visit itself is unforgettable: strolling along the corridors, one can marvel at some Bronzino paintings, a sculpture by Michel Angelo, Galileo’s telescope, pearl earings, diamond and ruby cups, an ivory necklace, lapis lazuli bowls, chiseled precious stones, detailed and colorful marquetry, a Brazilian chef’s red feathers coat, crystal vases, a bronze horse head, some early medical observation drawings, and many, many other curious, beautiful, delicate, inspiring and extraordinary lively objects.

A time traveling experience not to miss!


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