Paris exhibited: Monet



I thought I knew Monet. I thought he only used off-putting pastel colours, I thought he was classic and I thought he was boring. Well, I was wrong and I was caught by surprised by Monet’s incredible way of seeing things, his instinctive approach to lights and his modern use of colours. Some paintings even moved me and I had to be dragged away from a cliff landscape!

Once I got back home I went on the internet to try and find the paintings I most liked but I was very disappointed to realize that none of the pixelized pictures could pass on the same emotion as the magnificent canvas did then.

I uploaded some below but I urge you to go to Paris’s Grand Palais and feel them.

La Gare St Lazare à l’Est, Le Signal

Glaçons sur Seine à Bougival

Soleil Couchant sur la Seine, Effet d’Hiver

Les Déchargeurs de Charbon



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One response to “Paris exhibited: Monet

  1. Don gibson

    Fabulous in reality as seen in Paris

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