I am a Parisian Lady

I came across that fantastic french artist’s website: BAUDOUIN. He shot born and bred Parisian ladies in their apartments, among their objects, in their environments. These women are the ones who ‘ naturally carry the Parisian culture without the desire to become Parisian‘.

I love the staging and diversity of the characters, the many personalities that transpire from the pictures… Positively brilliant!

Manon, Métro St Germain des Prés

Fifi, Métro Blanche

Shadé, Métro Max Dormoy

Vanessa, Métro La Fourche

Viva, Métro La Chapelle

Colombe, Métro St Sulpice

Lili, Métro St Sulpice

Simone, Métro Exelmans

Soledad, Métro St Sulpice

Marijo, Métro Cambronne

Amélie, Métro Faidherbe Chaligny

Chantal, Métro Ségur

Eglée, Métro Chemin Vert

Baudouin’s other portraits are worth spending time on; do check him out!



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2 responses to “I am a Parisian Lady

  1. Benoit

    Décidément, j’ai du mal avec ce style

  2. … le format? les couleurs? le thème?

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