Where the past is present in Paris

My friend Camille and I were wandering in Paris, looking for wool balls and needles to knit our first scarves. The weather was cold, Camille was wearing heels and we were therefore eager to go back home to tea and brioche. We decided however to follow a nice lady’s advice and try to find ULTRAMOD, an haberdasher’s shop that we expected to be tacky and gloomy.

We reluctantly pushed the bottle-green door open and felt like we had stepped into the past. Ultramod was a large room with hight ceilings filled with ribbons, buttons and trimmings of all shapes, colours and sizes. Silently, almost religiously, we explored the place; Dust was quietly settling on old hat boxes, feathers were casually laid upon layers of curtain patrons and there was a kaleidoscope of fabric-roll piles. It smelt old and cosy, we were enchanted.

Ultramod opened in 1832 as a hat shop and can be found at 3 rue de Choiseul, Paris 2ème.


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