The guy who creates Street Art cleaning your walls

Street art today is either worshipped or badly cursed. Since Space Invaders, Banksy, Le Rat and their controversial works made the headlines (and a film), a generation of graffiti artists is on the rise. They use stencils, pencils, sculptures, posters, aerosols, chalks and/or paper-cuts to cover our dull walls and color our lives.

A UK street artist is setting himself apart. To all those who castigate graffiti and deem it an outlaw, dirty and disrespectful art, he opposes his environment-friendly method. Paul Curtis, aka “MOOSE”, creates art by cleaning the dirt from walls using a shoe brush, water and elbow grease.

It’s clean, it’s cool and it’s beautiful.




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2 responses to “The guy who creates Street Art cleaning your walls

  1. Interesting photos of reverse graffiti – I thought you might like this film that was done of Moose working in Denmark almost a year ago:

  2. That’s really cool; I like that he’s sharing (teaching) what he’s doing. It’s a good way to educate and open minds on Art under all its shapes and forms.. thank you for sharing this Jacob.

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