Why don’t YOU grow a moustache?

It’s November again, the month of the year when men can sport a moustache and being complimented for growing fury animals across their faces. Yes people, it’s  Movember again. Prostate cancer awareness month and to be mo-y is to be trendy.

In Singapore for instance, they’ve started an excellent Moustache Make A Difference campaign. Funny and striking graphic designs adorn fresh and simple explanatory texts while people are encouraged to share their moustachexperience with others through Social Networks. Check it out!

Through the annals of history, scores of famous figures, renowned characters and admired personalities have had one thing in common. They all wore with pride that most masculine of marks. That most erudite of emblems. The most bodacious of badges.
We’re talking, of course, about the moustache.

For without this distinguishing feature adorning their upper lip, would these people have reached such lofty heights? Hulk Hogan minus his handlebar? White trash in a wife-beater. A smooth-faced Stalin? Just a depilated dictator. A clean-shaven Genghis Khan? More like GenghisCan’t.

We’re embarking on our own journey towards greatness by growing moustaches of our own to raise funds and awareness for the Singapore Prostate Cancer Research Fund. So show your support by donating, and follow our shenanigans on the blog.

Of course men around the world are encouraged to let their hair down (or up depending on the style they’re looking for) and for women who wish to help, the website has it all sorted:

Now if this is not one of the coolest feature on the web today, I’m willing to eat my moustache!


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