Wine me up

I truly believe wine is a magnifier of friendly interactions, positive inclinations and spontaneous communication. Tonight, I was lucky to be invited by Miss Vicky Wine at her latest Paris Wine Tasting. It was in a trendy bar packed with people: fashion crazies with jaw-dropping outfits for an exhibition opening, rock’n’roll groupies for a trendy gig and wine lovers for Vicky’s wine selection. Oh! and a fat bulldog called ‘Venus’ was everywhere to be seen. Everybody had headed out there – after a long day at work, despite the  public transport strikes and the chilly night – so as to share one (or more) glass(es) of wine.

And it felt good to be there. Good to sip a liquid that warms the body and heart. Good to be amongst friends or friendly strangers. Good to be there and belong.

Wine is the way forward; Wine me up!






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One response to “Wine me up

  1. Thank you for the kind words my darling ! Go rock the place !

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