it’s written in the sky

I remember this scene of the famous french movie Amélie: a young dreamy girl taking  pictures of clouds which shapes are vividly animal-like.

I have myself seen witches, dragons and other beautiful flowery-cumulus in the sky, treasures of my imagination and observation that I mostly kept to myself. I wouldn’t want the world to know I believe chemical phenomenons of water in a gaseous state are actually alive and fantastic creatures…. But today I could share my belief and sky-discoveries joining  THE CLOUD APPRECIATION SOCIETY !

‘Cloud-Lovers Unite!’.

Are you the only one who thinks life would be poorer without these glorious ‘patron goddesses of idle fellows’? No, you’re not. There are others like you. And together we’ll fight the sun fascists and their obsessions with ‘blue-sky thinking’.

Feel free to browse the website’s gallery and find striking sunsets, beautifully curvy cumulonimbus and -my favourite ones- animals and faces!

A ‘Ferocious’ photo from Okeford, Dorset. U.K.

Heading out in a hurry from Luton airport, taken from a village called Slip End, west of Luton. U.K. (Can you spot the faces too).

Something appropriately ‘fishy’ about this iridescent fallstreak, Grimsby, Lincolnshire. U.K.

And don’t forget, as a member of The Cloud Appreciation Society, you’ll receive a free membership certificate and a badge.


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