#Cabernet Day people!

So that’s it, it’s official: today September 2nd  is #Cabernet Day! Which means that anybody on this lovely autumny-(almost) harvest-ready planet is invited to drink up and tweet out.

Can you get your hands on a bottle of wine (main varietal #Cabernet that is) and on an internet connection? Then you are invited to share your experience with others. The only instruction, you’ll have understood it, is to  #Cabernet tag  any of your comments, tasting notes, invitations to wine taste so that people everywhere can follow the celebration.

Bellow and live from amongst the vines is Rick Bakas,  Social Media Director at St Supery Winery in Napa Valley who decided to throw a massive Celebration 2.0 of the #Cabernet varietal. You don’t have to say it twice, I’m in!

For those who live in Paris, Wine By One is the place to be tonight from 7pm for a selection of delicious #Cabernet.

In the meantime, I’ll be sipping a delicious bottle of Domaine Rochambeau Anjou Rouge which generous and harmonious fruity flavours are a perfect pairing with the venison chops my grandmother cooked with love and gravy.

More info on where to wine taste here


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