…The Black Keys and their glorious, earthquake-like, delirious, raw, stirring, sexy, loud and passionate sound

In 2004, I came across a CD called Rubber Factory from a band with the obscure name of The Black Keys. I heard a song and impulse-bought it. However, once home, I realised I only loved that one song and I put it away. Five years went by, the dust set on that shelf, slowly covering up the warm colours and designs of the CD jacket and the Black Keys released Magic Potion and Attack & Release. Then last year, I decided to give it another try: after all, if the music had probably not changed, there was a good chance my musical tastes had. And indeed it had: I loved, loved the album!

But 2010 is an even a better year for The Black Keys and their glorious, earthquake-like, delirious, raw, stirring , sexy, loud and passionate sound… Ladies & Gentleman, please meet their last – and my last favourite –  album, BROTHERS.

First let me ease you in with a fantastic song of theirs, EVERLASTING LIGHT.  It’s chillingly beautiful, intricately eerie and strangely hypnotic.

The Black Keys, Everlasting Light, Album BROTHERS

Then let me warm you up with their very funny first single video, Tighten up with Frank the Dinosaur.

And finally, let me dazzle your sight with the following designs. The band had the brilliant idea to ask different designers to create as many exclusive posters as they have upcoming shows. They are now limited editions to be fought over across America. (credits here )

More about The Black Keys here

Attack & Release


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