The Rare & The Beautiful

Do not be silly but live with intensity,’ he urged her. ‘Improve our mind and your manners but let your novels go – Walk by yourself in the winter twilight – Walk at night and into the small hours listen to the wind’s wild whispering.‘ Llewelyn Powys to Lorna Garman

This book was another random charity shop purchase… I saw the cover, read the tittle and adopted it; I have been reading it every six month ever since.

Although it is a biographical 20th century family saga, it has nothing boring or established about it.  I love the free bohemian spirit of the book, the insatiable quest for love, glamour and romance, the highly eccentric characters, the many intertwined relationships and the brilliant gallery of portraits Cressida Connolly depicts. I love to think that some people did live for the sake of living, for the sake of art and for the sake of beauty (although it often meant children neglect and suicide), I love to feel close to these people, muses for the likes of Lucian Freud, Roy Campbell, Epstein, Vita Sackwille-West, Virginia Woolf, Laurie Lee, Llewelyn Powys, TE Lawrence or Peggy Guggenheim and I love to feel love, admiration and hatred for these out of the common Garmans.

Here is a review from Jan Marsh at the Independent: Musky perfume, fur coat and no knickers


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