a morning slide?

Something good about the constant marketing race and the social media boom of the past years is that interaction with people has become key to companies today. Thinking with the postulate that Customers don’t come to you, you have to go to them, it has become essential for marketing teams to be active and creative. And that is what interests me today: we have been witnessing the rise of guerilla marketing actions where we, potential clients, are part of the whole product promotion process, tools in marketing campaign maybe, but happy ones it seems.

Let’s have a look of three striking examples.

The first one I feel unsure about. Unilever has created this clever ice cream vending machine that dispenses free ice cream if your smile is big enough. It works thanks to some technological smart I can’t explain in details but let’s say there are captors that will validate whether you look happy enough to be rewarded with a treat. The Slogan is SHARE HAPPY and you’re of course invited to share your experience through Facebook, twitter etc via the magic machine.It all could be very nice and friendly – their mission is to encourage people everywhere to share life’s small moments of happiness – if it wouldn’t ask you for some many details about yourself that really feels like another way to get to you and your personal information…

The second one is, I believe, much more fun. Volkswagen has installed a slide in Berlin’s tube to encourage people to use a fast lane. I know this kind of experience would definitely brighten my day so I give it thumbs up!

And last but not least, the very famous T.Mobile campaign, their brilliant flash dance mob in Liverpool Street Station AND so cool massive Trafalgar Square karaoke stunt to be seen below.

So if companies new marketing means manage to bring people together for a laugh, a dance or a sing-along, then I’m all up for it! Bring on shared happiness!


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  1. absurdoldbird

    Love the Fast Lane! If we’d had that in London when I lived there, I’d have used the tube more!


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