how to rise & shine

As anyone else, I struggle to get out of bed in the morning. The warm, protecting & comfortable cocoon of my bed tries to retain me in its embrace while my mind is fogged with floating stripes of my previous night’s canvas of dreams… And in the midst of this soothing blur, I have to take the conscious (and painful) decision to rise & shine, to wake my muscles up and face the day. Harsh.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a trick that quickly takes me out of this morning misery. It’s easy and I’ll share it with you. When the alarm clock rings, I actively start searching my memory for a reason to get up on this very day. It doesn’t  have to be something ultra-special or very exciting… doesn’t have to be a party I’m attending in the evening or ‘the day I get to save the world’.. no, my reason to wake up will be a person I’m meeting, a new pair of shoes I’m wearing, a small project I’m running… like printing my collection of photographs, finding a present for a friend or starting a new notebook… it could be the memory of something or someone dear, the sun shining outside, the prospect of breakfast or sometimes even, just the experience of feeling alive. Yay!

It just feels good to have a reason to be…


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