to see beauty in all things

…I am aware  it is terribly easy to see beauty in all things, especially when you have a brand new camera… Just like I do now.

As a result I seem to have developed a syndrome I called the ”see-click-n-save”: everything I see is incredibly special and I feel compelled to constantly take pictures… Of things, of people, of pigeons and pan of walls…Here are some of them.

Paris’s Tour Montparnasse

A frightened pigeon & a pink cap.

Shoes at the flea market in Oberkampf.



Parmentier by night.

The art of street crossing.


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One response to “to see beauty in all things

  1. Kwet

    Love the last one! I think one could easily take a series of shots just about crossing the streets of Paris… or even in different places in the world (oh, the Danish, waiting for the green light to show in a completely desert street at 2 am…)

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