The WAOW factor

I know that amongst all the magnificent landscapes, good actions and other stunning people & souls the world has to offer, choosing the following picture as a ‘WAOW factor’ might sound shallow and unimportant..

However, I aim to find beauty in all things and these Jean-Paul Gaultier boots definitely met my requirements: they are surprising, colourful and delicately embroided… they made me think of spring in Japan (which, in itself, is an achievement since I’ve never been to Japan!)


Another couple links to shoe websites involving waow factors: London-based designer… for his ridiculously beautiful collection of shoes where each pair calls out your name in high-pitched tones you can’t ignore. They’re easy to wear in any occasions and yet out of the common.. My kind of combo! to share the dream… Highly creative world-famous Manolo. It’s all about telling stories through incredible shoes you’ll feel lucky to wear outside a SATC set.



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