Learning to Fly & other curious moments

”Although airlines had been around since the mid-1920s, civil aviation was still in its infancy. Flying enthusiasts, looking for something to do, were offering round trips, or else hiring themselves out to air shows, as here at Berlin’s Tempelhof Aerodrome in 1932. Oskar Dimpfel is seen hanging by his teeth from a trapeze.”

‘‘Santa Claus recuperates from the Christmas ballyhoo on a beach in California. This 1950s caption alludes to the fact that Christmas more than any other season is the climax of advertising and retail sales in the USA.”

”The American dance craze, the Charleston, named after the town in South Carolina, took the world by storm in the 1920s, but in 1926 it provoked critical voices in the medical profession. This skeleton is being used to demonstrate the deleterious effects of the ‘dislocations’ required by the dance.”

” The Gallery of Phenomena in the Lunapark in Paris acquired a new live exhibit in the early 1930s. The promoter hoped that the German Adriana (!), the bearded lady, would attract the crowds.”

” These Liverpool dockers are being served the tea for their tea break by window dunmy Mirabel the Mermaid in 1957. As a rule, the figure adorned the displays of British ship’s chandlers and shipping lines. The photo was taken as she was being transported to a shop window in Belfast.”

From Curious Moments, Archive of the Century at Könemann Editions.


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