How to go further

I’m sure we’ve all been somewhere great, somewhere fun or somewhere beautiful. Well, here is a small travel-post about somewhere MAGNIFICENT.

Ryanair does not go there, it’s too far. Actually to reach that place you have to take a plane to Mexico, drive to the region of San Luis Potosi, find the highest mountain, reach 2700m. with your rented car, on a bumpy road, through cacti and ghost towns, then cross a 200m long spooky tunnel with no exits but only humidity leaking on the walls to the dodgy lamp bulbs (I know. It’s far. But I did warn you; this post is called How to go further) AND, finally, into the village. REAL DE CATORCE.

Although it is hidden and remote, the village attracts people from all around the world:

 ”Real is a place full of magnetic energy and unforeseen resources; when it seemed it was to forever fall into oblivion due to its mining situation, it strongly stood by its patron saint, Charrito, who saved it from total abandonment. Later in the seventies, it became famous for the peyote and was target to people from all around the world in search of revelations and hallucinations. Still today, a good percentage of visitors come in search of the famous cactus, hoping it will improve their lives.”

So you’re walking the streets, you’re above cloud level and people around you have their feet on the same ground as you do (full of magnetic ‘radiations’) but their heads in the sky: they are here to pray Churrito or they are hippies who ended up here living where the peyote grows.. Not so long ago, shamans came from Guatemala and the south of Mexico to worship Pachamama and eat the peyote: spiritual forces talking to them through the sacred cactus.

When on the top of that mountain you feel exhilarated. It’s high, you’re high (on oxygen, on altitude, on magnetic forces, on happiness) and you want to stay there forever. Believe me, I’m a city girl. And this was the first time I considered retiring from the world and live in a small shack with a goat and a garden.

We were there, looking at the landscape and we felt the urge to scream, sing and clap our hands and dance around like mad people. And we did. And it was amazing.

If you ever have the opportunity to travel and you’re looking for a destination that will move you inside and out, that will shake your very core and waken the shaman in you… Real de Catorce is the place to go!


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