Radiology Art


Have you heard of the website Radiology Art? 

“Artist and medical student Satre Stuelke founded the Radiology Art project to explore the hidden contents and structures of everyday things. Dedicated to the deeper visualization of various objects that hold unique cultural importance in contemporary society, this project intends to plant a seed of scientific creativity (!) in the minds of all those inclined to participate.

Convenience/Fast foods, consumer electronics, and toys are placed in a CT scanner and bombarded with image-generating radiation to analyze the structure of objects that people form strong personal connections to so we can discover something inherent in them that persuades us to form those connections. Surprising details often arise. Take the barbie doll — she has leg bones, joints, and even a skull, just like you and me. Thus bringing what some have called an unnatural form — closer to us.

Sometimes we find structures more distant. Most people will tell you they love their cell phone. What maintains this emotional connection? How is the love reinforced? When we scan the cell phone we only find a little box filled with silicon chips, components, and a battery. Certainly not capable of reciprocation.”

Worth having a look at


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