When fashion & technology meet… *

I have always been fascinated by Perrault’s fairytale Donkey Skin. Not because of the ew-gross heroine garment the title implies, but because of the incredible description of the dresses she wore: a dress that matches the sky, a dress of moonbeams & a dress of sunshine… How marvelous!

Catherine Deneuve in Peau D’ane – by Jacques Demy – 1970

 Well, today my dream has come true.  Thanks to some technological wonder (a 3D video-mapping process that projected animated pictures to a dress) Frank Sorbier & Intel have created an amazing 3D visual show where it all comes together: the princess dress, the changing patterns & colors and the fairytale atmosphere!

Even if you don’t understand french, the short documentary is worth watching. Enjoy!

Source Doc News


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Booty Break [yum]

How to get women to buy an anti-cellulite product on a pre-summer saturated market? By offering a BOOTY BREAK, an interactive website to blush violently, giggle hysterically & share with friends. Just choose your favourite male booty and make it dance, shake, flex or even slap it. A highly enjoyable experience! http://bootybreak.com/ by Vichy.


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Boxer shorts 3D

Yes, this is yet another post on underwear. I apologize. However, CHECK THAT OUT! 3D undies by Calvin Klein!

Glasses out, ladies…

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France in underpants

“We now need UNDERPANTS we can trust.” J. Chirac

Those of you who don’t live in France probably haven’t had the chance to follow our very patriotic ELECTION CAMPAIGN IN UNDERPANTS... Surfing on the run to the 2012 Presidential elections, a bunch of young entrepreneurs have set up a parallel web-campaign  using election slogans & posters to convey their message: wear French Underpants!

Dordogne-based underwear production companyLE SLIP FRANCAIS has brilliantly managed to grab the media’s attention by taking the old-fashioned made in France concept and the unsexy slip (underpants) and turn them into an attractive, creative & übercool campaign.

“France is strong IN UNDERPANTS” – N.Sarlozy

Change UNDERPANTS, now!” F. Hollande

“Nothing can beat united UNDERPANTS” F. Bayrou

“Take the UNDERPANTS power!” JL Melenchon

“Choose UNDERPANTS.” E.Joly

If you want to support young people with ambition & humour, don’t hesitate to place your order with them, it’s super smooth & fast (I tested) and you can pick from a selective range of unique underpants: The Dreadful white, The Courageous red, The Intrepid Blue or The Triumphant black.

Le Slip Révolutionnaire


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The world’s best choreography. Ever.

This is without a doubt the funniest video of the month so far: a wonderful tutorial, an inspiration for any would-be dance teacher and a perfect ready-made choreography to learn before any party where you’re planning to steal the show & razzle-dazzle. Thank you Benjamin at We Want Whores.

OMG. I’m just being told that there is a double dream feet version too!

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Naming your V…

How do women call their vagina?

Mooncup has gathered The V.’s precious secret names from over fourteen thousand women and shares it through this brilliant, hilarious and lyrical video! A good way to start off the year!*

“Whatever you call your vagina, we think it deserves some love. That’s why we’ve written a song staring over 25 names submitted to the loveyourvagina poll, which asked women from across the world ‘what they call theirs’. You gave us 14,000 different names, and there are still more coming in every day!
Visit http://loveyourvagina.com to find out more, tell us what you lovingly call yours and download the song sheet music. “

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They are fabulous

christian louboutin shoes chaussures gif glitter 3 gifs animés Christian Louboutin



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